Mon. Sep 21st, 2020

Bayo Ododo Set to Drop New Hit Single.

Bayo Adeeyo popularly known as Bayo Ododo hails from Ogbomoso in Oyo, a state located in South Western part of Nigeria. His tertiary education is currently in progress at Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso.

Bayo Ododo’s popularity rests on his achievement in preservation of Yoruba cultural heritage through his unique art of exposing people to good moral conducts, value of Yoruba culture, ethics of love and beauty of peaceful coexistence via his Folk music. It is an incontrovertible fact that the vision he has for his career in folk music is apparently captured in every lyrics of his songs.

Take a tour to his world of creativity from his first single track tilted “iwalewa” to his second single track titled. “Amunimona“. “Ike” , “Je’alo” and “Ise” are his third, fourth and fifth track released respectively.

To crown it all, another masterpiece just pop up from this virtuoso’s cesspool of creativity! It’s a new single track titled “Irede“. This new single track is a dialogue between a wife and her husband who is going on a long journey….


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