Fri. Sep 18th, 2020

Face of the Week : Adebayo Toyosi Faith


May we meet you?

Hello, My Name is Adebayo Toyosi Faith

Nickname : pearl

Social handles : Ig:- that_toyed_pearl
Sc:- cici.tohyor

How did you join KINGSMENTV?

I joined when the King of Kingsmentv started with a BC.

About how many people have you referred to kingsmentv?

I dont know the exact number of people i’ve recommended..but i did alot. Kingsmentv is like the place where you find solace for whatever you are going through.

In what ways has KINGSMENTV touched you personally?

Everyone loves Kingsmentv. Kingsmentv is like the place where you find solace for whatever you are going through.

Do people you refer give you feedback once they join? Are they positive?

Yes, They are

What’s the most memorable feedback you’ve got from a referral?

The most memorable feedback was really from a naughty friend that likes the royal mingle aspect.


What motivates you to refer people and support KINGSMENTV so much?

I just love the Tv and its special way of making you laugh without a care in the world

Describe yourself

I’m a girl,Obviously? Christian, a Lover of food and people with amazing sense of humour.
I have passion for writing, i’m also a psychologist in the making.I love to understand the mechanics behind how people think.
Naturally, I think I’m funny?.. Too many things but that’s Ok for now

Has there been a day when kingsmentv has made you sad? Can you share with us?

Kingsmentv has never made me sad NEVER!..just by being special to kingsmentv alone makes me really happy

You’re obviously special to KINGSMENTV even though people do not know the work you’ve done. What does it feel like to be a secret hero?

As a secret super hero..i feel amazing about myself knowing i’ve put in my time to help KingsmenTV ?

what to you have to say about KINGSMENTV?

All i have to say about kingsmentv is that it’s just the world you’ve been in, you’ve experienced the fun and laughter,you wouldn’t dream of leaving,you become greedy about it and crazily becomes a mega dose of addiction??

How many times do you checkout Kingsmen daily?

I sometimes check Kingsmentv as soon as a new upload comes in recently.

What do you do when you’re not on KINGSMENTV?

When i’m not there…it feels so weird that i will collect any of my friends phone just to check up on it..

One suggestion to make kingsmentv better?

My suggestion for the betterment of the TV is just that the chief writer shouldnt drop the pen
We wouldn’t mind reading amazing books and thrills time to time as a form of episode…it draws people in

Piece Of Advice to the royalties?

To all the royalties, keep Kingsmentv alive, Don’t run out on itLet the family help you too.
It doesnt get juicier than that?

Thank you for joining us

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