Mon. Jul 6th, 2020

Face of the Week : Olabode Olaniyi Bolaji Ethan


May we meet you?

HI, I’m Olabode Olaniyi Bolaji Ethan



Social media handles?



How did you join KINGSMENTV?

I can’t even remember, I just know that day then was insanely fun

About how many people have you referred to kingsmentv?

Referred all my contacts, and I re-refer all my contacts if I add one new contact

In what ways has KINGSMENTV touched you personally?

Well, a number of ways, brightened my day, made me write a tribute,linked me with people of different shades,

Do people you refer give you feedback once they join? Are they positive?

Well, very few tend to come back to say something, a number of them will not say anything, they’d just be enjoying KINGSMENTV and forget who connected them, next thing I’d see on their status is referral link… Yh mehn.. Positive responses

What motivates you to refer people and support KINGSMENTV so much?

Timi Ọ̀pá is a mad person with a good heart… That is motivation enough

What’s your most memorable day on kingsmentv?

Every day is a memory, most memorable? Ehn, ehm, Everyday!!!


Describe yourself

Myself? Lol, I’m a mad person with a good heart…

Has there been a day when kingsmentv has made you sad? Can you share with us?

Sad keh? No o, well, strangely, I do not get sad, God forbid something happens to anyone, we’d take a few silent moments, console the hurt, and go back to KINGSMENTV, we need to smile again…

You’re obviously special to KINGSMENTV even though people do not know the work you’ve done. What does it feel like to be a secret hero?

Well, there’s no secret Hero in my word list, I have not done any work, even if I have, if I had not, someone else would have done it better, so to have had and to still have the chance to do it is a singular honour…

what to you have to say about KINGSMENTV?

KINGSMENTV, go into WhatsApp and blow…

how many times do you checkout kingsmen daily?

LOL? How many times, well, how many times have you attended your exams? Well, everytime…


What do you do when you’re not on KINGSMENTV?

Work, study, sleep, eat, bath, and all the things you can not do on WhatsApp

One suggestion to make kingsmentv better?

Well, keep doing what you are doing, Be real, let reality be you… And oh… to avoid jams, post a disclaimer before uploading sensitive stuffs…


Thank you for joining us

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