Sat. Sep 19th, 2020

Shuavy Duo Brothers – Zeegi and Meegi Breaking grounds in Fashion Industry


The fashion industry is a changeable and competitive marketplace in which achieving success often requires a time commitment, skill, and dedication that transcends an everyday fashionista. Aware of this fact, Joshua (AKA Zeegi) and Victor Onodu (AKA Meegi) came prepared to do the hard things necessary to navigate a road filled with more challenges than celebrations successfully.

As is typical for young entrepreneurs seeking to establish businesses of their own and true to their expectations, the duo faced a litany of constraints that threatened their long-term survival in the industry. Chief among these were finance problems.

A lack of money meant that the goal-oriented entrepreneurs couldn’t afford to make their business a success as quickly as they had imagined. With success taking so long to come by, they’ve had to build up the self-efficacy needed to deal with the mental demands, as well as handle the stress and pressure that come with running a business.

Nonetheless, driven by a passion that nothing could ever take away, no matter what, they managed to power through these hurdles and weathered their growing pains by working themselves through school and leveraging the support of friends, family, and numerous mentors to reach their current situation.

Zeegi and Meegi’s desire to design and innovate started at a very young age. As kids, they would buy and improve new shirts, among other things, by replacing basic plastic buttons in favor of richer-looking ones like metal, adding extra button design, as well as by adding small designs to shirt collars and cuffs. For them, the goal has always been to help people to match clothing well so that they can look “extremely polished and thought out.”
The experience provided them with the resources and tools to finally create a path toward success.

For admirers and industry players, the story of Zeegi and Meegi, and everything that has been produced by their inexhaustible imagination will serve as a starting point for a discussion on how we can achieve great success through a combination of innovation, creativity, and steadfast dedication.

Today, the brother-entrepreneurs have successfully set up a pop-up store in Westfield Stratford City, the fourth-largest shopping center in the UK by size. The siblings continue to find opportunities through their hard work and dedication to excellence, Perseverance, know-how, focus, and wholehearted commitment to designing fashion items that offer a new way to dress.

At Shuavy Fashion, Zeegi and Meegi currently work with a team of talented, dedicated, and courageous professionals to establish themselves in the fashion space and own it.

As most business owners would agree, running a successful business is a significant accomplishment, and it can be easy to get caught up in the excitement so much that people find themselves falling into the quicksand that is complacency.

Asked how they plan to avoid this, Zeegi and Meegi said they beat complacency by continually striving to have the necessary tools at their disposal to improve the offers to their clients as well as to develop innovative fashion products that will continue to enable them to secure and win markets, as well as to keep up with fashion trends.

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