Mon. Sep 21st, 2020

OFFICIAL: Zinadine Zidane returns as Real Madrid coach


Zinedine Zidane addressed the press gathered inside the media room at the Santiago Bernabéu after having been unveiled as head coach of Real Madrid: “I’m feeling good and am happy to be back. I’m delighted to be back working at this great club and with this squad of players. When the president called me, the first thing that I thought about was coming back and here I am. This is an important day and I’m here because I really love this club”.

“It’s a big challenge and I’m not thinking about the past because if I had done, I wouldn’t have come back. It’s about more than returning to Real Madrid. I’m really raring to head up this second project and serve the president, the club and the fans. I’m really raring to return and nobody can take my excitement to coach this team and ensure that they perform better away from me. I’m back in charge of the project with renewed energy after nine months out. I’m ready to once again experience what it means to coach Real Madrid and be at this great club, which I really love”.

Zidane returns to Santiago Bernebeu after leaving for 10 months. The French Man replaces Solari Santiago who was in charge for just 5 months. Solaris replacement was expected but no one knew it would be Zidane who would come back. Fans are happy all around the world and we expect a great result from him.


What do you think about this move??

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