Sat. Sep 19th, 2020

Small Doctor Donates His Gun To Armoury

Small Doctor has cleared the air on his recent arrest, saying he will never involve himself and his brand in any form of illegality.

The singer who was held in police custody for threatening a NPF officer with a gun said he has donated his gun to the armoury, a place where weapons are kept.

According to Small Doctor, the issue with the police was due to misunderstanding. He started, “My fans need to know that I will not get involved in any illegality. I give the younger ones hope and I will never let them down.”

Small Doctor also stated, “If I don’t have a licence to own a gun, it will be not in my possession. But the gun has been donated to armory.”

He insisted that the issue with the police was even a major reason for people to attend his Sunday show.

He explained, “In a way, the rift has attracted the attention of more people to my concert and we are to host everyone. There is no need to panic.

“I believe I am exceptional and people around me are exceptional too. I am a man of the people and I believe I should give back to my society. The people of Agege have been supporting me from the onset. I want them to feel important and happy, which explains why I’m holding the show at Agege Stadium. Eko Hotel cannot contain the population of people coming on that day.”

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